Su 2.0 the 45 Year old woman who’s brain was “rebooted”

Imagine waking up one morning to realize… nothing. Thats practically what happened to Su. When Su Meck was only 22, she was hit with a ceiling fan, the fan caused so much trauma to the brain that Su had a full % 100 memory loss. Her Husband Jim called her “Su 2.0. she had rebooted” like a computer only… slower.

After the accident, Su was reverted back to the brain of a 4 year old child, she forgot how to do just about everything. She couldn’t read, and she really couldn’t do anything by her self. NOTHING… except put a few phrases together. Her brain was blank, she practically¬† had to restart her entire childhood, and her entire life, the only difference is that she had a Husband, and she had two baby sons… and that’s never good. Specially for the Husband, Jim had to take care of his entire family without the assistance of his #1 support, his wife.

That was 23 years ago, Now at the age of 45, Su 2.0 is back to full gear, her brain fully rebooted, and learned to do the impossible. The doctors described her brain “like a shaken jell-O” and stated that it had more cracks that Sony’s firewall system.

She went to Montgomery College where she graduated with a Music Degree and a 3.9 GPA,that alone is an impressive task, I love to play the guitar but I lack the talent to receive a music degree. A lot of it has to do with the lack of discipline. However, Su had to have more than just discipline. She also needed to have the drive to push her to have it, and that drive was her Husband Jim.

I always wondered: What am I supposed to do now? What is the plan? What is the goal? Am I supposed to be this other person who I was, or am I supposed to be this new person?

What’s really challenging about the whole ordeal¬† is the fact that you have to re-build relationships with people, friends, colleagues, but most importantly your husband, and your children. How can you love them all over again? aside from that, She had to learn to eat by her self all over again, she learned to dress up by her self, to make phone calls, and even to read and write. Talking on the telephone was very difficult in the first few years out of the hospital, so Su and her family communicated through letters. Su wrote hers with the spelling and penmanship of a young child, but that didn’t stop her from tying to learn, she eventually learned how to use a computer, in one of her emails sent to her mother, you can really see how she struggled through the entire process, the e-mail read:

The boys play good with Legos now so givs me a chance to rite. I hav to go to mor doctors be case fall lots to hitig head bad head ackes.

But finally nearly two decades later, she did it. She learned to drive, and learned to live a somewhat “normal” life. Finally, she got her associates music degree after four years of studying hard, reading things again and again to keep them in her memory, now she plans in going to college and get her Bachelors Degree in Music

Truly unbelievable, if you want to read more check out the original post over at Washington Post
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