You Can Get Free Wendy’s Frostys for the Rest of 2012

I love Frosty’s. I think I love Free Frosty’s even more, especially if they are good. Wendy’s just started an awesome deal in which they are going to give out free Frostys for the rest of the year. They are giving them out for a good cause too, it’s not a publicity stunt, nor is it a get rich quick scam from Wendy’s. It’s an actual legitimate “help us help children” cause.

Yes, you read that right, for the rest of 2012 you can get free Wendy’s Frostys. It’s not going to be the big large Frosty, or the medium, or even the small… If you wan’t to pay for it, then you can have one, but if you want it free you’ll have to settle for the Jr. Frosty… but who cares, it’s free plus is not like you can’t go back for more.

All you need to do is purchase a Frosty Key Tag for $1 at a participating Wendy’s restaurant and that’s it – Every Frosty after the purchase of the card will be free. The money from the Keycard will go to the  Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. So while you’re enjoying the fantastic tasting Frosty, you will be helping kids! It really can’t get better than that right? [via FoodBeast]