Google pulls 22 apps from Android Market because of premium SMS scam

Earlier today Google removed 22 applications from their Android Market because Lookout, a security software provider, discovered that they were scamming users into paying for a premium SMS service. The Applications were posing as popular games and aps like Angry Birds – once downloaded the application would ask the users to download another application in order to get their first app to work properly. If the user downloaded the app, they would be automatically signed up for the SMS service.

The Apps were part of a scam called the “RuFraud” scam that tricks you into signing up for the Service without your permission. Fortunately for us, the charges from the service only affected people in Europe because the code does not work for North American phones. But that doesn’t mean the malware is not out there for American phones – It just hasn’t hit American Codes yet.

Since the removal of the 22 apps from the market, the security company found five additional applications, they have been reported to Google, but they have not been taken down from the market. The Following List was taken from My Lookout’s Blog post, visit their blog for additional applications.

Corazon LLC:

  • Horoscope (horoscope.android)
  • Horoscope (com.corazon.horoscope)

Corelly LLC:

  • Horoscope (com.corelly.horoscope)

Ranzy LLC:

  • Twilight (com.Twilight.wallpapers)
  • Puss in Boots (com.Puss.Boots.wallpapers)
  • Moneyball (com.Moneyball.wallpapers)

Astrolog LLC:

  • Sim City Deluxe FREE (com.astrolog.sim.city.deluxe.free)
  • Need for Speed Shift FREE (com.astrolog.need.forspeed.shift.free)
  • Great Little War Game FREE (com.astrolog.great.little.war.game.free)


  • Cut the Rope (com.Cut.the.Rope)
  • Angry Birds (com.Angry.Birds)
  • Assassins Creed (com.Assassins.Creed)
  • Talking Tom Cat (com.Talking.Tom.Cat)
  • NEED FOR SPEED Shift (com.nsf.Shift)
  • Where is My Water? (com.swampy.Water)
  • Great Little War Game (com.Great.little.War.Game)
  • World of Goo (com.World.Goo)
  • Shoot The Birds (com.Shoot.The.Birds)
  • Riptide GP (com.Riptide.GP)
  • Talking Larry the Bird (com.Talking.larry.Bird)
  •  Bag It! (com.Bag.It)
  • Talking Larry the Bird (com.Talking.Larry.Bird)
  • Angry Birds (com.Angry.Birds.free)

Allwing Concept:

  • TETRIS (com.tetris.free)
  • Pool Master Pro (com.Pool.Master.free)
  • Reckless Racing (com.Reckless.Racing.free)
  • Paradise Island (com.Paradise.Island.free)