Google finaly admits that they are tracking your Android just like Apple

Does that map on the side seem familiar? it was on our blog a couple of days ago when apple was tracking your cellphone. Well, Google just came out of the tracking closet and stated that they too are tracking your cellphone’s location at all time.

Not as bad as Apple, but then again, if it was just as bad, why would they admit to it?

According to Google, the data is collected anonymously and stored with an associated ID number which is supposed to help them deliver targeted data for mapping and local services.  They claim that it’s “untraceable” and when you turn off your cellphone, the data is magically erased. Now the big question remains, how much do they actually track? and how “untraceable” is the data? should we start to get used to this kind of privacy infringement after all, half of us have all of our information on Facebook, is privacy something that we are to concerned about?

Really the main question that you should ask your self is, what can they do with this data? Find exactly where you are… unless you have problems with the police, I don’t think is that big of a deal. They should however have the option to opt out of being tracked… and they do, it’s called Having a cellphone with no Apps. According to the Google Spokesperson you don’t have to opt in on the tracking of your cellphone. Just when you download a GPS app, or Google Maps, or Search around me app, or any other app that uses your location, that automatically flips the switch for tracking on.

Via: Wall Street Journal