How to Get Siri on iPhone 4

One of the problems that Siri hacking developers have, is that Apple has a special line of code that pings the Apple servers using a binary set of numbers. This binary number is unique to every single cellphone that Apple has ever created. This code makes it impossible for people to replicate the code and ping their servers at will, Apple claims it’s unbreakable – or at least it was.

A Chinese group of hackers recently revealed a code that ports the Siri over to jailbroken iPhone 4 devices. The application works perfectly and flawlessly, it has the full voice-activated personal assistant powers and best of all, it pings Apple’s servers with unique “illegal” codes.

According to apple, only the iPhone 4S is  capable of running the SIRI application because of it’s extra powerful CPU, but these hackers proved otherwise. Now, if you really want to have the application, click the links at the bottom of the post. You have to remember two things though – your Mobile data will have to be sent to Chinese servers, before they ping the Apple servers and then apple sends the results back to your phone. Since China has different laws then the USA, your data will no longer be private. So if you want to risk your identity, you have been warned.

This hack is more of a “proof of concept” that the hack actually works on  other phones and not just the iPhone 4S, now that the gates have been open, expect to have other hack teams jumping on board to  figure out how to replicate the Mod in other Cellphones.

CD-Team (Chinese) and iDownloadBlog