Accidental Snowkite Liftoff in Algeria

I love extreme sports, I’ve always wanted to do kite skiing or kite snow boarding, it looks like something fun to do. Most people that do this, go out to extreme ends to try and do some amazing stunts. The only problem is that sometimes, the winds pick up extremely fast and since you technically have a giant parachute attached to your body, it has a tendency of picking up the kite user.

An inexperienced kite user may not have time to react to what’s going on around him, even professional kite users have problems sometimes. You get picked up 300, 400, 500 feet in the air and you have nothing available to you to help you come back down and you are quite literally at the wind’s mercyT

he video above is of a couple of guys in Algeria Snowkite-ing, it was uploaded by I’m not 100% sure what the people are saying on the video, but this guy is lucky to be alive.