Man Who Gave Birth Fears the Reaction He Will Get From His Parents

A man believed to be the first in Britain to give birth has described his fears that his parents will want to “convert” him back to being a woman.

Is that so? The man is actually a 27 year female old university graduate, who remains anonymous in fears that the negative publicity will hurt his/her daughters future. He was originally a she, but he had a sex change earlier in his life and after forcing his parents to accept his change, the man got pregnant and gave birth to a little girl in March of last year. He now fears that his parents are going to force him to become a woman again – which he’s not about to give up.

The Telegraph reported that his parents took the pregnancy well but added: “They seemed to be OK but I am worried they may try and ‘convert’ me back to the way I was because of the perceived ‘mental health’ of the baby when it’s born.” Which really makes sense, especially when he’s going to raise the girl making her believe she’s a he, “My mum’s already told me I’d be a good mummy and I said ‘no, I’ll be a good daddy’. According to him, the mother got used to the idea of having a female raise the child making her believe she was actually a He but he revealed that another member of the family, an aunt, had not been so supportive. He said: “She wanted to know if I was going to stop being silly and become a woman again, she wanted to know if I was going to get rid of the silly new name I’d adopted.

“She wondered how on earth I was going to cope when I was going against society in this manner, men don’t have babies!” He, like many other trans-gender people was born a woman but started to live live as a man for the past five years. He  legally changed his name and gender and had been receiving hormone treatment, but decided to attempt to conceive with his male partner, from whom he has now separated, using his own eggs.

He said: “I’m not the first man to have a baby, and I won’t be the last, but we’re not fully accepted and understood yet, there’s still a long way to go.” I’m all for trans-gender society, but there is something wrong with this. If I was a female – male, I would raise my child and teach him/her that I made a choice to become the opposite gender. I would educate them in the matter, rather than convince them that I’m actually a man.