The WristBow – A Crossbow That Attaches to Your Wrist

I’ve seen my fair share of weapons, everything from the epic slingshots made by the European madman, to two barrel pistols. But Patrick Priebe came up with a beautiful new toy. It’s a home made crossbow wrist band. It can poke you on the side from as far as nine feet away. It has a laser to give the user added accuracy, and the ability to hide it under your clothes makes it deadly to… balloons and coke cans.

In case you’re wondering why Priebe sounds familiar, he’s the one that made the laser repulsor beam, the beam that Iron Man has on his hands, that can fire 1,000 milliwatt lasers. The wristband crossbow project, according to him, took ten days to complete. He said that it all started as a weekend project, but after he started to add small parts to it, he began to add lasers, cranks, firing pins, etc. and eventually ended up making it into a working awesome prototype.

Just check out the video I posted above! not to shabby, it may not take out birds or other animals, but an apple could definitely feel the pain! Check out His youtube channel to see his other toys. Everything from the Bow I listed above, and even a laser gun that actually fires laser beams.