Snap! – How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Camera

Since the iPhone came out, several companies have been trying to make a fortune by trying to turn the iPhone into something it’s not. The images at the bottom are an excellent example as to what I mean by that. The iPhone 4’s camera turned out to be very good. For some reason or another the images come out amazing, I know it has to do with the kind of technology they use, and it’s never going to become a digital camera, but it’s good enough for the typical Facebook photographers that we all are.

I for one, stopped carrying around a camera when I got my first photo phone, but if you still miss carrying around the big clunky design, The Snap! Might be what you’re looking for. The case is designed by Bitplay, and it comes in two halves that split so you can put your iPhone in the between. Its only purpose, to make people believe you have a real camera…. but you don’t!

It’s hard to believe that anyone is going to buy this new “kit” but you never know, some people are just that into taking pictures and they like to look a bit more serious than everyone else. The Snap! Case is currently on display at the Tokyo Designer’s Week 2011 event. They still haven’t released the price and they haven’t announced when it’s going to be released.

Bitplay Inc, via OhGizmo!