Magician Uses iPad to Play a Cool Halloween Horror Show

Halloween is happening tonight, and for the next couple of hours people will be storming the streets asking for candy. This is to be expected, especially if you live in a busy neighborhood, but in case you’re stuck at home watching boring TV shows waiting for little children to rush at your door, this magician from Germany whipped out his iPad and put up a really cool magic show using an awesome illusion that uses simple effects that come pre installed with the iPad. He actually has a really cool sense of humor, and while his “German accent might already scare you to hell” wait until you see the story he’s about to tell. It may not be the most creative story ever, but it’s worth the watch.

Before you run away thinking this is a ridiculous show, rest assure, this show is actually really cool.  Simon Pierro is a professional magician, and while his iPad act may not be one of the greatest, it still leaves you wondering how he did it. I hope you enjoy the show, and hope you have a great and a happy Halloween!

Via Mashable