Keeping Surgical Infections Under Control With a Cocoon of Air

Woot! Go Texas! Nimbic Systems a Texas company has received FDA clearance to put their new medical device to the test. This device lowers the infections that are received due to surgery and other surgical procedures. Instead of using anti germ coatings, this new tool actually uses an Air Barrier System (ABS) to keep the incision area clean and free of bacteria.

Here is how it works: When you go into surgery, they just lay your body down on a table and start cutting you open, all of the germs that are floating in the area can actually land in your wounds and infect your body. But thanks to this new device, when you are getting opened up, it will be blowing purified air around the entire incision area and you will be germ free! similar to the large fans that blow air at your face when you enter a restaurant to keep the dirt out.

ABS got the approval to be used during a hip replacement surgery, as you know, most hip replacement surgeries can take hours to complete increasing the infection rate. ABS passed the test by lowering the infection rate by more than 84 percent. Later in the year, they will be going on a second test to see if it can achieve the same results for spinal operations. Check out a small video about how this air tech works over at Medical Xpress