Why Sir Isaac Newton is The Greatest Physicist in History

The video above is from Neil deGrasse Tyson, a very smart man… just in case you’re wondering, he was recently on BigThink where they were asking him a series of questions about physicist of the past etc. They asked him who he though the greatest Physicist in History was, and he said Newton. From his writings alone, you can clearly see that he was connected to something else in the universe. Anyone that reads his writings instantly get the sensation that their hairs in their necks stand up.

According to Neil, before Newton turned 26 he discovered the laws of Optics, he discovered that all colors merged together actually creates white, and not black as most people had theorized at the time. He then discovered the laws of motion, and the universal law of gravitation.

He was than asked why the orbits of the planets were in the shape of anĀ ellipse, rather than a circle or any other shape. A few months later he came back with an answer, when asked how he figured it out he said he created a new form of math. We call that ,Calculus. Something that we all have problems learning in college, he basically created it on a dare. Then he became 26, and that’s why Neil think he’s the greatest Physicist in History… what do you think?