New Laser Procedure Turns Your Brown Eyes Blue

I’ve always wanted to have different color eyes, not so I can look better, but just for the fact to start up conversation with strangers. How many times have you been at the store and some random stranger pulls you to the side and says “oh my gosh, you have $hit brown eyes!,” exactly my point. Blue eyed people seem to get all the fun now days. But if you’re always wanted to have blue eyes instead of your crappy brown eyes, there is a doctor in California that can turn anyone’s brown eyes, blue.

The actual procedure uses lasers to destroy the brown pigment .. aka..  melanin, from the upper layer of the iris. The image to the left shows you the difference between the grayish baby blue color and the brown color halfway through the procedure. The procedure takes less than 20 seconds to complete, and the color changes over a period of a few weeks. The Doctor claims that the whole process works amazing, but like every other procedure from California, things are permanent. So you better make sure you want blue eyes for sure because once your brown eyes are gone, they ain’t coming back.

The procedure is currently being tested on people to make sure it’s safe. Once it’s 100% safe, we’ll be able to have it done for $5,000. Finally, for less than a down payment on a car I can have nice conversations with random people! Via The Daily Mail