NASA ends communications with Mars Rover Spirit

NASA is cutting the lines with Mars Rover Spirit. In 2004, NASA deployed Mars Rover Spirit to the surface of Mars to go out on a 3 month mission. However after surprising everyone by staying alive for more than a year, the rover kept his “spirit” up and 7 years later the Mars Rover has finally met his end. In 2009, Spirit was all over the news when it accidentally got trapped on a loose sand trap and it’s been unable to free it’s self ever since. It continued to beam information back to earth for scientist to decipher, not bad for a trapped little guy.

On March 22, 2010,  NASA received the last transmission from Spirit, NASA lost connection during a cold and sunless Martian winter, they hoped that the spring would charge up Spirit’s Survival heaters, unfortunately, NASA never received their “I’m back” call from Spirit. Today NASA gave up trying to communicate with Spirit and will begin to focus their efforts on their new Rover launch Curiosity. The launch is scheduled for November of this year, lets hope that everything goes according to plan.