Soon Farmville and Other Social Games will Flood Google+

One of the main problems with facebook, is that after you pass the 300 friend mark, at least half of those friends begin to spam your news feed with multiple invitations to start your own farm or help them raise a Mafia war  against other virtual bosses. MySpace had a problem with pedophiles, Facebook has a problem with security issues and annoying social games.

When I came to Google+ I felt relived at how clean and smooth it was… yea it might look boring and plain, but it’s not annoying. That is, until the announcement was made that Google+ is going to get Google+ Games… You guessed it, Farmville Mafia Wars, Super City, and other absurd games will be joining your stream in a matter of months.

There is one good thing though, Google+ Stream will have it’s own tab called “Games Stream” so the notifications will not OVER populate your home feed. This is all “rumors” as of right now and the main reason that people found out about it is because of the Code Snoopers, you know, the people that read codes of websites to see what features they have hidden. The source code on Google+ has just recently changed to “Game Invites” where I suspect will be the portal for sending and receiving game invites.

I hope that Google doesn’t become another facebook with all the spam, this programer already created a robot to automatically send out circle invites, so I’m just hoping this doesn’t have the same problem. Some games that might actually stand a chance on Google might be the all popular “Angry Birds” now I can destroy those weird castles while I sit at home, drive to the office, and work from my desk… talk about controlling the video game market.

Slashgear, via TheNextWeb