New Features with Google +

Facebook is probably the most popular social media site available. It offers just about every feature needed to make new friends and meet new people online, and its popularity is certainly the highest among teens. However, there are other categories of users as well, who value things like privacy more than the “Like” button. Such users are not overly pleased with Facebook and are actively searching for a replacement. Fortunately, Google + is just what the doctor ordered!

Some consider it a weaker version of Facebook, while others think it is a huge improvement. As mentioned above, different categories of users give different importance to some of the features Google+ brings to the table.

The most notable feature is improved privacy. That’s right, Google+ offers much more than simply choosing if anyone else other than your friends can see your profile information or photos. Facebook doesn’t allow much customization other than that, and many users have had problems when trying to restrict certain information from being visible to only some people from their friend’s list.

Google+ allows users to make content available only to certain groups of friends. This allows everyone to have more control over their privacy and should prevent mistakes like those that frequently take place on Facebook and end up getting people fired.

As Google has gotten us used to, the UI of Google+ is as simple as possible. You won’t find any buttons that have little use or anything else that stands out from the rest. The interface is easy to use and effective, so anyone can learn how to use it without too much effort. This is something that will attract children, teens, and adults as well, and those who were frustrated with Facebook’s UI certainly don’t have any reason to dislike this one.

Creating groups of friends is extremely easy, and these groups are called circles. Are someone to your circle of close friends and you can immediately share content with that circle alone. This is a wonderful way of grouping contacts from work, family, or any other friends, and managing what content each circle has available.

Sharing is extremely easy, and anything from photos, links and videos can be shared. This means even teens who are more interested in a way of sharing their favorite music and videos with their friends will find it interesting, while people who value privacy more than anything else will also find it useful due to the different circles.

Another feature that will make it a huge hit with teens everywhere is the fact that it has both an Apple and an Android app available. While the Apple application lacks some features, the Android has every single feature available on the PC, as well as an “instant upload” option. It’s well known how much teens and even adults use their phones to stay connected and be notified as soon as someone on the friend list posts any content, so this is bound to attract more people to Google+ than any other feature!

Just exactly how popular it will be remains to be seen, because those who have a large network of friends on Facebook probably won’t want to switch to Google+ anytime soon. Those with newer profiles and with few or no friends shouldn’t have any problems joining though. As more people join, others will follow, and the growth should be exponential. We believe that Google+ is a strong competitor to Facebook and there is a chance that once people start using it, Facebook will be left without users! The more likely thing to happen though is that most people will have two accounts, one on Facebook and one on Google+.

This article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for registrycleanerswatch.com, a site emphasizing on registry mechanic.