Microsoft’s Next Generation Surface Finally Goes Up for Pre-Order

Do you guys remember that back in January Microsoft was all over CES 2011 when they unveiled the next generation surface interactive display? Then, they stated the surface was going to be a couple of years before it came into full production, but thanks to Samsung the surface is finally going into production this year.

The first generation surface was carrying a horrible price tag of $12,500, it was a little bulky, clunky, and really didn’t get much done. But the newest generation is a whole lot thinner, at 4” thick, it’s also a lot lighter since it only weighs 39 Kilograms, and its really just an oversized television display. The price tag is still at a hefty $8,000 on average, but that’s $4,000 cheaper than last generation.

In terms of speed and specifics, the display is a 40 inch 16:9 display and is capable of putting out 1080p. The display runs on an AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core processor and runs at about 2.9ghz. The screen is also very durable, thanks to the largest sheet of Gorilla Glass yet seen on a product, this display/table is going to withstand  heavy uses.

The new display which is called SUR40 uses a new type of Technology called PixelSense, Microsoft said that it’s as giving Surface “vision.” To the entire display. The entire surface acts like a giant camera, so you could basically put an object above the display and take a picture of it.

The SUR40 can be pre-ordered now directly from Samsung in 23 countries.Read more at Microsoft