A Soon to be Released Documentary on Anonymous

A documentary film about the hacker activist collective “Anonymous” is set for release on 2012, according to a new trailer released recently by production firm Luminant Media .

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists ” is a documentary that aims to probe the beginnings of “Anonymous” from the early days of the hacker scene and the first hacker collectives, all the way through the years and to the current age of “Anonymous” as a global protest movement.

“Anonymous was kind of like the big, strong, buff kid who had low self esteem, and it all the sudden punched somebody in the face and was like, ‘Holy $hit, I’m really strong!’ From the video, Anonymous calls itself the final boss of the Internet, and sometimes it proves to be the truth. “If you are going to violate the freedoms of the Internet, you certainly better watch the F**K out.”