University of Texas Scientists Create a 100% Effective Flu Vaccine

The Draco is supposed to be a vaccine that can kill all viruses, including the flu virus. But Draco only works after you have been infected by the flu, so while you may be instantly cured – you’re still going to feel like crap. Preventing a flu infection is what it’s all about, but it’s nearly impossible. Every year, thousands of new flu mutations and strains infect our population. So much in fact, that scientists don’t have the resources to create a vaccine for every type of strain. But luckily for us, scientist at the University of Texas South Western division, have created a new type of flu vaccine that can protect you against any kind of flu virus, by creating a natural shield for our cells.

Currently, Scientist and researchers spend their entire year trying to study the flu virus strains and mutations to determine which virus is going to be the dominant strain. Before the flu season strikes, the scientists give out the vaccine for that specific mutation. Usually after the flu season goes by, there are thousands of new mutations; the vaccines you received last year, no longer serve a good purpose. That’s why people still get the flu even after receiving the shot. This new vaccine however, can protect you against all mutations of the flu.

The team led by Dr. Beatrice Fontoura took a completely different approach at creating the new vaccine:

What we are doing is something different. We are actually stimulating our own response which is already there – boost it – to fight an infection.

The way Dr. Fontoura wants to defeat the virus strains is by giving us a boost that targets our bodies to create a protein called REDD-1. According to Fontoura, her team discovered that when REDD-1 is low in our cells, the flu virus has no problem infecting a cell. Increasing REDD-1 on our body, actually creates a shield around your cells that makes it impossible for the virus to penetrate.

The team found that the shield is so effective that not even the Spanish Flu, the H1Ni influenza, the H1N1 Swine Flu, can penetrate the shield. Unfortunately, like the Draco, the new flu killer vaccine is not going to be ready for a few more years. The doctors have to pass the FDA approval before they can introduce it to the market. Via: CBS