Gadget Takes Control of Your Hands to Play Musical Instruments

From how the user is moving his hands on the video, it doesn’t seem like the system is very practical … yet … but it seems to be a good start. The gadget is called the “Possessed Hand” (very original I know) it’s an electric finger stimulator that basically makes your fingers move by themselves without any actual input from your brain.

The hand reminds me of that Electric Ab-Workout band that came out several years ago. You know, the one that claimed to give you 6-pack abs by just sitting at home and letting science work out for you?  At the end of the session you had 3rd degree electrical burns, your stomach hurt like hell, and you stayed as fat as usual. I don’t see how this is going to be any better, but it’s worth the shot.

The Possessed Hand was developed by a scientist in Tokyo University with the assistance of Sony. This gadget has two bands that attach to your forearm, and it delivers mild electrical stimulation directly to the muscles that control your fingers, and your hand. The electrical impulses override your brain impulses, so it controls your hand 100%.

Initially, this gadget was created as a tool to teach people how to play musical instruments, but I’m sure you can see there are many different uses for this kind of gadget. I for one think you could use this gadget to help paralyzed victims take control of their bodies and help them walk again. They would have to figure out a way to program the gadget by mind, otherwise you’d have people walking off cliffs because they can’t control their bodies.

Overall, this is a little scary to me, I’d much rather learn how to play an instrument, over having the following romantic scenario… “hold on baby, let me put on this gadget on my hand real quick… okay now let me download the song to my hand…. ” Wow honey that sounds amazing, but why are you crying? and why do you have 3rd degree burns on your arms?

Rekimoto Lab, via PhysOrg