The iMaschine APP is Like Having a Music Studio in Your Pocket

This is pretty sweet, it actually works. The iMaschine app is like having a real life music studio right in your pocket. It has several different things that you can chose from, a sampler, an dudio processor, and a sequencer, all of this comes in one program and at the end your song, you can take your song on the go.

The video above is from Jamie Lidell as he creates a song while he’s resting in bed. He plays an exclusive version of “A Little Bit More” from the album Multiply (2005, Warp) while relaxing in bed. The entire performance was done live in one take, with nothing pre-recorded, and no post-production edits made to the song.

We all know that Jamie is amazing at creating things like this, but don’t feel to bad, the app has a lot of potential! plus it’s only $5! you can’t get better than that!