Steve Jobs, Apple’s Chairman and Co-Founder Dies: Update – Confirmed

It saddens me to announce that the rumors of Steve Job’s death have been confirmed. Apple Co-Founder and Chairman Steve Jobs died today, at the young age of 56. As we all know, Jobs had been suffering from several health related issues and from a rare form of pancreatic cancer. Earlier in the year, Steve announced that he would be taking an indeterminate medical leave of absence. In August of 2011 he stepped down as CEO and became the Chairman of Apple.

Something that really saddens me about this entire story, is the fact that regardless of how much money a person has, Cancer has taken down several lives. The progress towards fighting cancer, and finding a cure is an extensive process that is slowly moving forward. I have lost friends and family members to cancer, and many families think “if we only had more money” Steve Jobs is the perfect example, money is not the answer but research through science will some day deliver the cure to save great people.

Steve Jobs was more than just a CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder, Steve Jobs was a visioneer, that made apple what apple is today, one of the most branded products in the entire world. Rest In Peace Steve.

Via: The New Tech Blog