Secret Bike Lock Disguised as a Water Bottle

Have you ever carried a bike lock around with you while you’re getting from point A to point B? if you have, then you know that carrying that thing around is a complete pain in the rear. You have a couple of options, carrying a backpack so you can carry the lock, carrying in the middle of the bike frame – while it hits your knees when you pedal. Or you can carry it in your hand so you can have difficulty steering.

Well, thanks to this new design, you can now carry the lock inside of your water bottle. The bottle is called the Kuat and it solves the problem of carrying a lock around town. The Kuat is a standard cable lock that actually rests inside of a water bottle shaped container. When you get to your destination, just open up the top, and pull the cable out and around your locking pole and you’re good to go. It costs about $34 dollars, so that’s not bad at all. The only downfall is that this kind of locks will never be able to sustain the harsh conditions of some towns. But if you’re a college student, this could keep your bike safe while you’re taking that economics test.

Jam Collective via Gizmodo