Something Just Happened to Uranus, Something Exploded and Scientist Want to Know What it Was

Well earlier this week something happened to Uranus, when scientist were looking at the planet to see if anything had changed in the boring planet, they found that something had erupted. Scientist are kind of confused at what it was but since we don’t know anything about the planet they are jumping to speculations, like every good scientist should. This “explosion/eruption” made Uranus cool again in the science realm. You’ll be surprised to know that the only cool things that Uranus has going for it is the fact that it’s sideways on it’s axis, meaning that it rolls around the universe rather than spin around it. Secondly, it has clouds and the planet it self are very┬átemperamental and the seasons are horrible. One side of the planet gets sunlight for 42 years straight.

“The reason we care about the clouds on the planet Uranus is that they seem to be seasonally driven,” said planetary scientist Heidi B. Hammel over at MSNBC.com. “Uranus spins tipped over on its side, giving rise to extreme changes in sunlight as its seasons progress. The changes are therefore much more dramatic than for other planets. Uranus thus gives us unique insight into the energy balance in a planetary atmosphere.”

So now that the explosion, of what ever it was, happened in Uranus, the planet is starting to look a little cooler to scientist here at home. Still Looks like Uranus to me.