Chrome is About to Knock Firefox to Third Place – IE is Next

Internet Explorer is still sitting at the top of the pyramid, primarily because they come pre-installed when you buy a new PC. But underneath that, you have Firefox and Chrome struggling to see who’s going to catch up to IE first. Right now, Firefox is holding the second place in the race, but Chrome is about to change all of that.

According to StatCounter, Chrome has been on the rice since it was brought into the race back in 2008, and has now grown in use by 50%. If everything continues to go according to plan, it will take over the second place spot by December.

Many “fans” of chrome claim that the reason it’s moving forwards so fast, is because both Firefox and IE haven’t done anything to spectacular to wow their users. You can argue this in several ways, but one thing that Chrome has behind it is Google, which is like the rich father in the block. IE has Microsoft but that’s like that one uncle that we all have who is a little stingy with their money. And Firefox has Mozilla, which is like a tip jar from all the users. [Gizmodo]