Google Street view before and after MO’s Tornado

When the news showed the picture of Joplin, MO destroyed after the tornado came through and flattened out the land, it was hard to really understand what was being shown. Aside from the obvious, the land with debris scattered throughout the neighborhood, at first sight it appeared as if the neighborhood was a small Trailer Park community since we didn’t see any actual house foundations. However Google Street view makes the destruction painfully clear.

A Missouri Photographer Aaron Fuhrman took a photo of the scene on a street corner in Joplin, MO, he then took a snapshot of Street View with the camera looking at the same direction, and the image showed the gruesome path.

It really put everything back into perspective, a perfectly normal neighborhood with houses similar to the one we live on, turned into a dump. It really takes this new “natural disaster” to a whole new level. Our prayers go out to the Men, Women and their families of Joplin, MO.