Google Lowers their App Market Cut on Developers

Google has been on the news lately, with the whole Google I/O and Facebook Trying to burn their image, it looks like Google is going to be here for a while longer.

And now Google is going to Revamp their Android Market. Google stated that they are actually going to change a few things around, possibly the most important thing is for the developers. Google is going to lower their “fee” down to 5% which puts them at the lowest cut by any app store to date. They are hoping that more developers will start to come to the Google Market instead of Apple, Blackberry, or Microsoft’s app store. A great business move from Google – on paper, we’ll have to see how this turns out for them in the long run.

This new move came about after the news release that Google was going to be releasing their Google Chromebooks.

If it works, the main competitors – Apple, RIM, and Microsoft –  will have very little time to get their app markets on their feet to catch up to Google, otherwise they may be looking at an other Monopoly similar to Google Search where not even Yahoo, or Microsoft can compete against them.