Multi-Vehicle Speed Cameras – Soon Highway Speeding Will Be Obsolete

We’ve all been there, you get pulled over, and instantly you try to rehearse what you are going to tell the police officer.  You play out “What seems to be the problem officer” several times in your head, but when the officer walks up to your car, you blabber out “uhh… uhm… I need to go the bathroom?” It takes more than just good practice to be able to get out of a speeding ticket.

You need to have 40% good lie, 20% skill, and 40% of luck. But unfortunately, Cordon, a new radar system that tracks your vehicle’s speed with pin point accuracy is going to get rid of the “luck” part. The new system will be able to track up to 30 different vehicles across a 4 lane road at the same time.

The Camera tracks the speed and license plate then automatically sends out the data to a database where the police can issue out a speeding ticket.  Additionally, the camera will be able to detect bus, and Taxi only lane violators by cross referencing your license plate with the license plates it has stored on it’s database.

According to Peak Gain Systems, the camera is not going to be out in the USA until early 2012, but once it gets here, your chances of getting out of a speeding ticket are going to be close to zero. After watching the video above you can see how this is going to be any driver’s worst nightmare. Peak Gain Systems via Engadget