Why Netflix is a Great Company: The lazier we get, the worst it looks?

With all the changes that have been happening to social profiles and even physical companies like Netflix, it makes me wonder if we have become too lazy? We’re so lazy that even when people are making things easier for us, we still complain that it’s not good enough.

I’ll use Netflix as a major example, do you remember the days when we used to Drive to Blockbuster and rent a movie for $7 a night with a $4 late fee for every additional night? The days when we had to stand in line waiting for that customer who forgot his card at home and the employee took 30 minutes to find the account holder. We would stand in line for nearly 1 hour buying popcorn packets, drinks, candy, etc. for the 15 minute trip back home.

Those nights were a complete pain in the ass, you were having fun with your friends and they wanted to watch a movie so you had to stop everything while you left to blockbuster. If you remember anything about those trips, a single trip to blockbuster ended up costing us 2 hours of our day, and at the minimum $30 dollars. But like a dog who expects to get a treat every time they do a trick, were not different than a  dog. When we try to teach a new trick to a dog, he complains and gets angry at the fact that he’s not getting the treat as easy as he was before. Now he has to lay, sit, and jump before he gets the treat, when in the past just sitting down would get him the same result. Likewise, we get used to a type of service and when they want to change the service for the better, we instantly grab the pitchforks. The dog doesn’t realize it learned new things, and now he’s smarter, we in the other hand don’t realize our services will improve and more movies will be available.

Netflix, is an amazing company, they took a problem away from society and made it easier for us. Yea, we have to pay a little for their service but that’s a given. When people facilitate something for you, it costs some sort of money. In the past, Netflix has been criticized for their price increase. We completely forget that for a little under $10 dollars a month, we have access to unlimited movies with no late fees. We also don’t have to travel to the nearest rental store and wait for 2 hours before coming back home.

Netflix made it very easy to say “hey lets watch a movie guys!” and in less than 10 minutes you have a movie picked and is streaming through your television at home. Netflix found something that became very popular very quickly, it became so popular that every single company is trying to bring it down. Even the big movie companies are trying to charge them extra for their services. Every time that Netflix renews their contract with a large movie company, the company charges them extra because of how successful Netflix is. This price increase on Netflix means that that Netflix has to charge us extra to make up for their losses.

Before you start complaining about their next move, I think we first have to appreciate what they have done for us, all the little things they have incorporated into their company that really makes their company a good company to rent from. Just a thought…