How To Keep Your iPhone’s Headphone Jack Clean With The iCatchi

If you are anything like me, my phone is to make calls, listen to music, and play angry birds. My phone is packed with over 10 gigabytes of random music that I have accumulated over the years. I’ve had my phone for about 2 years, and in those 2 years, I’ve had problems with the headphone jack a total of 9 times. This happens when lint or sand or any other type of debris gets trapped inside the headphone opening, and it tricks the phone into thinking there is a headset inserted into the phone. After the ninth time of this happening, I started to find different ways to plug up the headphone jack to keep this from messing up my phone again.

Since everything around my house is controlled by bluetooth, and most devices now days have an iPhone Dock or an Android Dock, there was no need for me to have the jack open to cause more problems. I used tape, hot glue, small a toothpick, etc. but somehow, the problem always came back.

Then I found the iCatchi while I was looking for a solution to the problem on line. Apparently, there are thousands of people that have the same problem with the iPhone or the iPad. Even the iPhone 4S has the problem with the jack believing there is a headset inserted into the phone, when in reality, it’s just a small piece of debris inside it. So I went to the iCatchi website at http://www.icatchi.com.au/, yes it’s Australian, but these guys were having the same problem as I was and found a perfect way to fix it!

The iCatchi is one of those products that you find on the store while you’re waiting in line and think “oh wow, this is exactly what I was looking for!” It’s basically a plug for your Cellphone’s jack. It has two purposes – the primary one, to prevent debris from entering the phone through the headphone jack – and the iCatchi does this 100% of the time, and is extremely amazing at it.  The second purpose is to make your phone different from all the other phones in the crowd by giving you the ability to personalize your phone one step further than the rest. They have hundreds of different themes and looks that range from politics, flags, fashion and sports teams, just to name a few. You can check them out by clicking the themes available tab on their website. They also have an option where you can send them your logo and they will add your logo to the top of the plug. This is great if you own a company and want to get some sort of publicity out of the plug, OR if you just want to make your own design.

I went ahead and got several of the plugs in to check them out and see which ones I enjoyed the best, plus I thought they look pretty cool. One of my main reasons I ordered several of them was because I thought the plug could fall off OR if I ever decided to use the headphone jack I would lose the small plug. But when I got them I found out they actually come with a small plastic plug holder the iCatchi Clip, that attaches to your headphone chord. The clip holds your plug in place while you use your head set.

The iCatchi doesn’t work on every phone, yet, but the iCatchi website has a handy compatibility chart where you can check your device and see which iCatchi models will work with your device. The iCatchi models include Flat Round, Curved Round, Curved Rectangular and Short Round. These difference is mostly on the size and shape of the plug that sticks out of the headphone jack. The only one that is actually different is the Short Round, which has a shorter headphone plug designed to work with Nintendo and Sony handheld consoles. So just make sure you check out their site before you start ordering what ever you think is going to look cool.

Once you get the plug, you will notice that the iCatchi fits snugly into the headphone jack of your device. The disc portion, where the logo is displayed, sticks out just enough to block the entrance, so it doesn’t really mess with your phone’s contour design to much. Since the plug fits flush against your device, it could be a problem with some cases that are available in the market like the Otter Box.  But if you don’t have a box around your phone, these models would be great for you.

I would definitely check them out before you run into the headphone problem. Since I have a couple of these plugs laying around the office now, I need to give some of them out. Like Our page by clicking the box on the top right or the bottom of the article, then simply leave us a comment on our fan page and at the end of the week we’ll pick random winners to send you a pair of the iCatchies for you to try out. If you are already a fan, just leave a comment saying “already a fan” you’r comment will hold 10 times the weight over a new fan increasing the chances of winning! – this is one of the pro’s for being a fan of Tek-Bull when a contest is started. Good luck!