Our planet Earth, is not as “Round” as you think.

Our planet Earth is not be as round as we had recently thought. After 24 months on Earth’s orbit, the European Space Agency’s Gravity Field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) has finally come to the last miles of it’s planned life span. GOCE’s mission was to create the most accurate map ever of our Earth. GOCE has just enough xeon fuel to continue it’s mission till the end of 2012. Currently the mission has been a success and it has given us a very good map of our little ‘raisin’, you’ll see what I mean.
So markedly different from a simple sphere or ellipsoid, GOCE showed us the ‘true’ shape of Earth. The video below shows you the images of our planet Earth, which looks more like an old raisin than a fresh pea.