Fun Things to Ask the New iPhone 4S Siri

The iPhone 4S was released with a brand new feature, the Siri, which is just a fun toy that actually allows the phone to talk back to you when you ask it a question. If you’ve ever played with Oliver Bot online then you already have some experience with this kind of software, but Appleclaims that this is way more advance and that the phone actually learns to talk to you.

I don’t have an iPhone 4s and i’s very doubtful that I will be getting one in the upcoming weeks, but this sounds like an awesome feature on the phone. From the looks of the pictures we collected, it looks like it has more than just the typical “I don’t Know what you mean?” or the classic program feature that answers your question with a question. You know, the typical “what is the maning of life? – What do YOU think is the meaning of life?”

Joshua Topolsky  has several of other pictures that he collected while he’s in the “reviewing” stages of the phone, check out their site to see some other interesting pictures. These are just some of the ones that we thought were the best.

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