Self-Cleaning Cloth Breakthrough: Quickly Becomes a Man’s Best Friend!

Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to our brand new best friend: The Self Cleaning Cloth! Imagine everything we could use this for? clothing that cleans it self, underwear that never goes dirty, that’s right, self cleaning underwear!

This cloth can actually clean it self without having to scrub and rub off the dirtiness. I know what you’re thinking, this is to good, can this really be real? well of course it is. The clothing gets this amazing capability thanks to a chemical compound called 2-anthraqunone carboxylic acid or 2-ACQ. This compound was developed by some researchers out in the  University of California: Davis.

But it wasn’t until Ning Liu, who came up with a method to incorporate 2-ACQ into cotton fabric, that he actually developed the self cleaning fabric. He said “the new fabric has potential applications in biological and chemical protective clothing for health care, food processing and farmworkers, as well as military personnel.”

The compound actually attaches to cotton in such a way that it’s almost impossible to remove, then when this compound is exposed to light, it begins to produce oxygen species like hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals that actually kill bacteria and destroy compounds like particles and toxins. The end result is a clean piece of cloth. The Cloth may still look dirty due to sand and other stains, but ti will be clean!

via medGadget and Oh Gizmo!