Fighting Women Inadvertently Create Toxic Gas In the Middle of a Wal-Mart

You did hear about those two women fighting in the middle of Wal-Mart the other night didn’t you? These two geniuses got into a heated argument and then started to throw a chemicals at each other, two of the chemicals introduced were Ammonia and Bleach effectively creating a poisonous gas in the middle of the Wal-Mart

The Wal-Mart was evacuated and they had to ventilate the entire store before other people could come back in to shop.

Two woman involved in an altercation at southern Baltimore County Walmart store threw bleach and another chemical on each other, causing possible injuries for other customers on Saturday, police and fire officials said. Baltimore County Fire Department’s hazardous materials units responded to the scene around 11 a.m., and at least one patient has been transported to Wilmer Eye Clinic, spokesman Glenn Blackwell said in an email. Two additional people were taken to Baltimore Washington Medical Center, police spokesman Shawn Vinson said in an email.

There were 19 people injured from this accident but luckily they are going to be okay, In case you didn’t know, bleach and ammonia makes a vapor that can be deadly, my mother did that once while cleaning the bathtub and we had to evacuate the whole house. At the time I was 10 which to me was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen but calling a poison control specialist to the scene was not very fun.

Mixing bleach and ammonia is extremely dangerous, since toxic vapors will be produced. The primary toxic chemical formed by the reaction is chloramine vapor, with a potential for hydrazine formation. If ammonia is present in excess (which it may or may not be, depending on your mixture), toxic and potentially explosive liquid hydrazine may be formed. While impure hydrazine tends not to explode, it’s still toxic, plus it can boil and spray hot toxic liquid. – About

So yea, regardless of how you look at it, this is as close to chemical warfare can get in the middle of a store!