Anonymous Takes Revenge After the Megaupload Takedown: DoJ, RIAA, MPAA, US Copyright and UM are All Offline

In an Anonymous documentary, a quote that was read by one of the members said: “Do you want to see what Anonymous is really capable of, try to shut down the message, try to censor the internet, then you’ll know what Anonymous is all about.” And guess who tried to shut down that message? The US Government shut down Megaupload earlier today and arrested all the executive officers.

Anonymous decided that it was time to call revenge and an Anonymous-Affiliated Twitter account sent out the classic line that they always use when they take down a website – Tango Down. Anonymous has been sitting in the sidelines for a couple of weeks, but they’re back up and they took a lot of major websites down with their awakening.

The RIAA is Down, this was one of the first ones to go down, the Universal Music Group fell off the cliff shortly after, followed by the MPAA.org and even the US Copyright Office joined them in the dark abyss.

DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com reported that all the departments are officially nuked. This was a very bad time for the government to take down one of the largest File sharing sites in the world.

January 18th, the internet went on Strike, anonymous and 7 million online users filed petitions to stop SOPA and PIPA. Taking down Megaupload only proved one thing to the internets public, the Government doesn’t need SOPA in order to take down websites…  And anonymous just proved to the government one thing – “You don’t want to piss off all of us at one time”