The Human Slingshot: The Best Amusement Back yard Ride!

Talk about creativity, this is what happens when awesomeness meets a crazy family that finds two giant light posts on the side of the road. The high flinging human sling shot is probably the best amusement ride anyone could ever create in their back yard. And it attracts a whole bunch people. It’s simple enough to make in a couple of hours, yet, scary enough to keep people coming back for more. The video I posted above was uploaded onto Youtube a couple of days ago, but it already has over 500 thousand views!

The Human Sling Shot was made by the Pope Family, and it’s located in Hobble Creek Canyon Utah, just in case you’re in the area and want to stop by. The whole thing works flawlessly… as of right now. They just tie you down to this giant rubber band and pull you on the back of an ATV, then when you’re ready they release you and off you go. The reason you don’t hit the ground is because it shoots you at an angle, and thanks to a very special physics law, you will never have enough energy to go back to the original starting point!

Via: Youtube