Assault Rifle Motherboard for your PC – The Assassin

If anybody opens up your computer case what do they find? unless you are this guy, you can expect to find spider webs, dust, or even some sort of newly created dust fungus that has been trapped in your case since you bought it, you know the ones that resemble a ball of cotton but when you touch it they fall apart.

This guy is here to help you have the best computer mother board set up, if you have more money than you can spend, you can make a custom PC Motherboard.

The Assassin Motherboard works just like your regular motherboard, it has your processor, your memory and it connects all of your computer components together so you can play WOW without any interruptions, the only difference? it looks like someone pull the pieces from an assault rifle and put the mother board together from that.

This guy’s attention to detail are beyond belief, the heatsinks were made to resemble the barrel of an M16 and a loaded magazine. It could have done better on the functional features but I guess is more about the art than anything else. It proves eight USB 3.0 ports, enough room for a i7 CPU, on board Creative X-Fi, Support for 4x CrossFire or 3x SLI graphics, NIC E2100 ethernet… all of this for the whopping price of $530 bucks…you can buy your own here I’m sure our friend @mvosch86 wont mind to much for this price, not to mention having to make your own custom case with a plexiglass window otherwise it be like saying ” I have a Ferrari inside my garage, but it’s a pain to open up the door to show it to you”

Via: Gizmodo