What Will The Books Of Tomorrow Look Like?

This is a question that I as a student had for a long time, and is a question that I as a husband still have to this day. My wife pays over $1000 in books. The bad thing about this purchase is that at the end of the school year, the books are sold back to the school for not even 1/6 of the price. Last year she was able to sell her books and received less than $280 a huge loss for us. Most of the books that she had to sell back had already moved to the better more improved version of 1.01 and the following year they will move version 1.02 and so on. Not only is this bad economically, but it’s also bad for the environment! how many trees have to be destroyed each year to make these books? hundreds of thousands I’m sure. Several book companies have finally been “slapped in the face” ,figuratively speaking, by technology. What is the point of printing out all these books and loosing money, when they can set up one application for the iPad or Tablet that can sell you the books directly? They need less workers, they lose less money, and they save more trees! Best of all, they can sell the books fairly cheap for everyone to be able to afford them.

The infographic below actually talks about the book problem. And it talks about fixing this problem by making everything electronic. South Korea is expected to have only electronic books by 2015. This will be great for everyone there, but when are we going to catch up? and how much will it cost us?

Textbooks of Tomorrow
Via: OnlineEducation.net