How Media Affects our Life – Every Single Day

Every single day, every single hour, every single second, we have some sort of media coming to our brains one way or another. The media can be in the shape of sound, images, or even videos.

The media doesn’t necessarily have to do be an advertisement coming at us, it can be anything and everything around us. When we sleep we some times have some sort of media coming into our sleep through a radio that was left on next door, or a television from your roomates at night.

When you’re online, every single website has some sort of offer to give you, everything from checking your e-mail to checking your facebook wall has advertisements or media services around it. When you get “online” you instantly begin to receive media messages. Then you have the offline, watching television, reading a book or even playing video games. All of them have some sort of message or media that they are delivering to you.

In reality, media is a crucial part of our lives. You can not escape the media, at least not in the cities, the only way to get out of the media realm is to visit the mountains without your phone, books, magazines, radios, and just about anything else that you can read. The infographic below talks about what kind of media impacts our lives at any given hour of our day.

Media Consumption - 2011
Created by: MBA Online