Netflix Strongest and Newest Competitor – A Netflix Alternative?

Are you tired of what Netflix has been doing for the past couple of months, raising the prices, splitting the service, and raising the prices once more? Well, Blockbuster and Dish Network just partnered up and are ready to take on Netflix… and just when I thought Blockbuster was done with, it still has enough to keep on kicking.

For $10 a month, Dish customers will get DVDs, Blu-rays and video games by mail as well as streaming video to their TV or computer. Also, if you can find an open Blockbuster location around you, you’ll be able to trade the disks at the store for an even faster delivery!

The catch? It’s only available to current Dish customers. So, if you have dish, you may find this alternative a bit better than Netflix’s current plan.

Via Engadget