What We Need to Hear and Interesting Stuff About Sound

Everyday we have to deal with thousands of different sounds, every single area of our lives has some sort of beep or crack coming through our hearing canal. When you wake up, it’s usually because of a loud noise coming from your alarm, or police sirens going off outside, or even your fire alarm during testing days.  Natural noises are not that bad for us, but man made noises can be a real pain. The loudest man made noise is that of an atomic bomb, which is one step ahead of a volcanic eruption. The loudest sound was probably that of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

The infographic below talks about sound barriers, noises, natural frequencies, and even devices that stop sound. It has a lot of information on the graph, but this is it’s downfall, you’ll have to click the image to enlarge it because of  small the letters are. I found it interesting that at 60% volume you can listen an ipod for about 8 hours safely, but at 100% volume, you can listen to it for about a minute before you risk damaging your hearing drums. Overall, fantastic graph… to small for the content.

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Noise what you need to hear
Via: FIXR.COM Contractors for Soundproofing