Your Fancy Password is Easier to Crack than you Thought

A couple of days ago we were talking about security and Safety in our lives, but did you guys ever think about our internet security? I’m sure you have, specially when Microsoft announced that it will not let you use stupid passwords anymore. But if you are like me, my password is about 20 characters long, it has numbers letters, and some of the signs on the calculator that look like upside down Russian letters. The only problem is that when I need to type in the password on another computer, it takes me nearly 20 minutes to figure out if I have the right words etc.

Well, according to xkcd, while we have been trained to and programed to use passwords with numbers and dashes, computers have little to no problem figuring out how to break them down. It takes about 3 days to crack a complicated code, but it takes a computer 500 years to crack a code if it uses 4 random words.

I’m not saying to go around using “god” or “let me in” as your password, but don’t come up with a weird password that looks like you just slammed your hands on a computer and whatever came up is taken as the code. Instead, use something that it’s easy to remember, but it doesn’t make sense to anyone else but you.