Why Squirrels are Horrible to the Internet!

If you are anything like me, than you know that you depend on the internet. Any time that your internet speed drops by as little as a few seconds, you instantly begin to panic, flip the router on and off, and even start to download programs to speed up your connection. All of which are going to be useless because most of the time, the real problem is going to be a pesky little squirrel biting at your internet connections.

According to level 3 Communications, there are several problems when it comes to down internet connections and black outs. While most of the problems are actually workers who forget to call before they dig.

Their second problem is perhaps one of the most bizarre explanations for down internet cables…squirrels. Yes, those pesky little boogers actually account for 17% of downtime, which is really good now days. Back in 2010 they actually accounted by more than 1/4 of the internet’s down time by eating away at the cables. Many of the workers for level three claim that it’s because of the peanut coating inside of the cables but who knows. Level three is actually working around the clock to keep these little guys from eating away at the cables by adding guards and other intricate protection devices.

Via: Level Three