The Effects of Methamphetamine on a Face and Soul

As a Private Investigator, I’ve dealt with several people who are addicted to methamphetamine. The changes that happen to their faces are so drastic that over %80 of the time we can’t use the profile picture on file. For the most part, meth is a drug that has extremely high addictive properties. Most of the people that use meth describe it as “loosing your soul.”

I’m not trying to preach to anyone about how dangerous the drug is, you can do a simple google search for the dangers of the drug. As a matter of fact, I was only going to show the Meth-Amorphosis video, but after doing some digging through youtube, I found the video of the girl below. I guess you really don’t know the dangers of the drug unless you see them with your own eyes, but the video below will get you as close as you can possibly get over the internet.

The first video is from a group of Bounty Hunters who spoke with a meth addict and recorded their experience with the user. She said that the reason she uses drugs was to never sleep because of the horrible nightmares she was having of losing her children. The second video below is actually a video of a short clip called Meth-Amorphosis where a sculptor actually changes the face of a clay statue to symbolize what meth does to your face.

Over all, I’ve never heard of, or met, anyone having a joyful life after they have been addicted to Meth. If you or a loved one is suffering from a Meth Addiction, contact CMA they can help you find the answers and help you or they may need.