What is Heello? it’s a New Twitter and a New Social Site

And just when you thought that everything has already been thought off, out of the clouds comes Heello a new social media site that looks identical to twitter but it’s not a twitter. In Heello pronounced “He-Low” you have the ability to share your updates with your Facebook and your Twitter accounts at the same time. The “tweet” is called a “Ping” and instead of followers you have listeners, also instead of you going out and re-tweeting your statuses, you get to “echo” your words.

Overall, Heello is not that bad. But what started this whole twitter clone? well, a couple of days ago Twitter announced that it was going to start a new type of photo sharing app. When it was installed, the new app, competed against TwitPic, and the founder of TwitPic retaliated against the whole deal by cloning Twitter. Almost 100% and they actually made it a bit better by giving you the ability to share your photos, via your statuses and above all, giving you the ability to share your statuses via Twitter, Heello and Facebeook all at the same time.

Now, Heello does have an instant feed right now where you can see everyone’s status updates, the only problem is that it flows non stop, so you cant get the chance to click on the feed to reply or echo or anything of that nature. You see the status update, and less than 3 seconds later you have 20 new statuses going through the feed. Another thing is that since the service is fairly new, there are hundreds of fake accounts from Fox News, CNN, Tumblr, Mark Zuckerberg etc. I think Evan Williams and Noah Everett weren’t anticipating the large loads of traffic to come into their site, and right now they are working over time to take control of their network.

Everett plans on installing Video, SMS Integration, Mobile apps, channels, and check ins. We’ll see how this turns out, at the end. A main problem that most new social sites have is that they are not innovative at all, most copy their competitors. So Heello is going to have a tough time fighting against Twitter and their 200 Million users so We’ll see how this turns out. Good Luck none of the less and please come and join us at http://heello.com/TekBull