New Facebook Feature Looks into Your Recent Statuses

Facebook just recently launched a new social feature, a feature that displays your statuses from 2009 or 2010. When you scroll through a person facebook photo album on the top right of the screen it shows you what you updated one to two years ago. The box is under “On This Day in” followed by “2010 or 2009” you updated the following status – and then it’s followed by the status. Which is awesome when you are wanting to take a trip down memory lane, but not really nice when you get reminded of a status of you traveling 2500 miles in 2 days.

Additionally, if you posted more than one status on that given day, you have the ability to click on “show more” to see more statuses that were posted by you on that day. This could be an effort of Facebook showing it’s users that it keeps up with your statuses as far as 2 years from today, and that you could effectively use facebook to document your activity… but I’m sure most people will look at this as a “privacy” violation because facebook keeps up with your statuses – Once it’s on facebook, it will always stay on facebook.

Overall, I think it’s a cool little feature for all those people who want to laugh at their pasts! so, what kind of updates have you guys’ been seeing?