New App Lets You Sell Your Parking Spots

We’ve all been there, you get to a location in a very busy downtown area and it takes you hours to find the perfect spot. Afterwards you hate to give the parking spot away for free because you know it has some sort of “value” behind it. Well thanks to a new app called Parking Auction, you can finally sell your spot to a new driver.

Here is the idea behind the Parking Auction, you’re at an awesome bar and you realize that the nearest parking location is 5 blocks away, so before you leave the bar, you can pull out your phone and start hosting auctions, as soon as you get into your car, you take the highest bidder and the winner of the auction heads over to your location.

The driver gets an instant parking spot inside one of the best bars, you get some money, he’s happy, you’re happy, and you made the money you lost at the bar right back with an awesome sale of a parking spot. You could theoretically use Parking auction with Croudmug to make a good amount of cash and cover your bar expenses.

At least, this is a good idea, but you do run into a couple of problems. First off you can’t “sell” public parking spaces, that’s not legal but according to the app creators this is what they said:

How is this legal?

• You are not actually selling your spot. You are selling information — that a parking spot is about to become available.
• A logistics company selling information about the fastest route to take isn’t selling the road.What happens if another car tries to take the spot I’m selling?

• You quietly drive away and lose the sale. It’s no different than trying to give your spot to your neighbor and someone else pulls up first.

So that’s another problem, I can almost guarantee that someone is going to get into a fight, imagine you won the parking spot you pay for it and someone else comes up and takes it from you? or worse yet, you’re waiting for the buyer to pull up and after he shows up he never pays you, what do you think it’s going to happen?

I need to start coming up with apps like these, there are hundreds of people out there who are looking for something for cheap. You can pretty much sell anything to anyone who has money, it’s all about making things easy for everyone else. So what’s next?  “I didn’t finish my steak I need, anyone want to buy it?”

Parking Auction, via Wired