How a Flashmob of 28 People Robbed a 7/11 in Under 1 Minute

So picture this, you’re a convenience store clerk working at a 7-Eleven in Maryland reading a magazine, it’s about 1:30 in the morning and you see a couple of customers come and go. The door bell rings and you see a guy walk in, not thinking anything is out of the ordinary you look down to your magazine for a few seconds later the bell goes off again, you look up and this time you have 28 people walking into the store.

Usually when things like this happen, the mob is followed by a guy with a boombox that sets it on an endless loop of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up and they all start performing the dance. The so called “flashmobs” are usually organized by tweets, or facebook status. The people that walked into the 7/11 did the exact same thing, minus the Rick Astley song and the dance routine, instead they robbed the store in under a minute.

The police said that the store clerk couldn’t do anything to stop the flash mob robbers, and that they believe the Internet was used to assemble the mob. But really, if you look at the video the people are all dressed the same, and they laugh throughout the whole video, here is my theory, a little local gang from Maryland decided that it would be cool to steal a couple drinks and some candy. The police is saying that they are going to pursue them and charge them with Shoplifting… How about Organized Crime?

YouTube via CNN