Amazon CEO Patents Airbags for Cellphones

A huge problem I’ve had with cellphones and computers has always been the fact that shortly after a get a new one, i drop it and either completely ruin it, or scratch it to where it looks like it’s been used for several months. If Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon just patented a safety device for cellphones.

The patent uses a whole bunch of things, a Gyroscope, Camera, IR Beam, Radar and an Accelerometer to detect when the phone is falling from a surface or your hands, pockets etc. At that time, the phone will send out signals to micro airbags that will inflate. Inside the cellphone there will be a small CO2 cartride that will be used to inflate the bags.

I’m not sure how old the patent is, but I thought the whole idea was to make phones smaller and thinner? if you add a CO2 cartridge and 6 airbags,  this would defeat the whole purpose of going towards the “thin.” also, have you ever hit an airbag before? you bounce very hard, if these airbags are anything like the real ones, the phone will bounce and land on it’s side. Again, defeating the purpose.

None of the less, this is a wild patent and a crazy idea, I’m sure this is just a placeholder patent, you know the ones that just sit there until someone tries to make a similar product so you can file a law suit?

The Register