Future Way of Flying and Airport Take Offs

The main reason we have to pay so much for airplane tickets, it’s because of how much gas the plane wastes on take offs. A 737 uses almost 5,000 pounds of fuel to get up to 30,000 feet. So, Electric Take off is in the process of developing a take off elevator that will lift an airplane to the 30,000 feet mark, and then release it .

So here is the Idea- At about 30,000 feet, there will be an electric plane flying around in circles. Attached to the underbelly of the plane is a super strong cable that is connected to a spinning hub down on the ground. The hub will slowly spin to make sure the cable is straight and sturdy.

When an airplane want’s to take off, they will attach a hook to the top of the plane, the cable will then lift up the airplane upwards towards the flight altitude and then it will be released.

I’m guessing the plane will glide down and hope to get enough speed to take off? Also, I’m guessing the plane that’s above the hub, will need to be extra powerful to pull up a 737. I know how ridiculous this sounds. While this might be a crazy Idea for big jet planes, I think this could help gliders get to a high enough altitude without the need of a takeoff plane thus making glider flight extremely cheap. A glider pilot could travel hundreds of miles relatively cheap.

Electric Take-Off,